Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a transplantation procedure of hair roots collected from the nape area. These hairs become resistant to hair loss due to the effect of DHT hormone.  Special devices and methods are used on the areas where hair has been lost or hair has been thinned and weakened.

Developing technology and new methods in hair transplantation have increased both operational and visual quality in hair transplantation. A solution has been constructed for those who once thought that they had to forever live without hair.

Although technology affects the quality of the procedure directly, it is very important that hair root transplantation is performed under the supervision of a specialist. This is because the operation is a surgical procedure and such a procedure may cause irreversible or difficult consequences in inexperienced hands.

A widely applied and accepted method for hair transplantation is  the "FUE" method. The “FUT” method is a procedure which used to be performed before the FUE method, and is not usually preferred unless indispensible.

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